How to Become a Polyglot

Speak new languages using words you already know!

EZ /iː/ /ziː/ is "еasy" /ˈiːzi/
glot means having knowledge of or using (a specified number of) languages

How to be a quick polyglot

We all know little bit of foreign languages, even if we are not aware of it. Reason is simple: languages have many words in common. The more words two languages have in common, the more lexically similar they are, and more mutually intelligible.

EZGlot helps anyone appear to be a polyglot, by showing you which common words in foreign languages you already know, so that you can jump start your communication when traveling abroad. We show you words that not only look or sound similar, but also have similar meaning.

Science & Big Data

~90 languages, Gigabytes of data, months of algorithm development, weeks of computation. They call it Big Data. We used science, open source projects, custom graph analysis and lexical similarity algorithms, a number of iterations in search of a solution. A rich graph of relations between words in dozens of world languages contains many interesting insights, but also a lot of noise. While providing insights, we tried to reduce the noise. You can tell us whether we succeeded.


Disclaimer: number and accuracy of common words found depend on the language pair as coverage varies greatly between languages. Some dictionaries used have over 50k words, others only few thousand. For example, precision for the English/Spanish pair is ~80% and recall ~90%.Statistics accuracy varies accordingly.



We are creating easy to learn language phrasebooks as well as meta-language. Besides an opportunity to become a part of the fun part of this project (currently under progress), you can get back from your language skills contribution in a number of ways. You must be at least bilingual! Inquire...


Data was mined in Python, website developed in PHP/MySQL, maps in D3, responsive design in Bootstrap.

The information was mined from Wiktionary, OmegaWiki, FreeDict, Apertium, and few other open access resources.

Additional information used came from mining Wikipedia and other freely available corpora.

Sound files from Shtooka.

Vocabulary tests inspired by Test Your Vocab.

Logo design was provided by Designer & Gentleman.


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