Story Book

Speak new languages using words you already know!

Book in development

Our analysis of hundreds of world dictionaries revealed that there are dozens of languages with many thousands of words which are common between them, and not only common in meaning, but also mutually intelligible. If only we could know those words while we travel! It is quite hard and actually boring remembering word lists, words without contexts.

Imagine a story, not a typical one, but a story in your language. It may use some words or phrases which would not be your first choice, for example, canine instead of dog, future mother instead of pregnant woman, etc. Why these novelties? Because people of the other language will not understand you if you use the words you are most used to, but may understand you if you use these alternative words and phrases. By reading and remembering a story, you can simply use phrases and words from that story to communicate in a foreign country.

An example

Students protest against globalization.

If you change the word against with contrary to, then, suddenly, several nations may understand you!

Students protest contrary to globalization.

I studenti protestano contro la globalizazione.

Studenti protestuju za kontru globalizaciji. *

Los estudiantes protestan contra la globalización.

* similar transformation as in English